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"Hello guys!
I just wanted to let you know that we used cherry Peterson pucks to smoke our turkey this year and it was the best turkey we have ever prepared.
Everyone who had it commented that it was the best bird they had ever had and our 20 lb bird never stood a chance. It was gobbled up rapidly. :)
We will be getting more!

"Hi Brent. Received the pucks today all in good order. Your customer service and sales is fantastic to say the least. The world needs more people like you  and we would be so much better off. Thanx again for everything." 




"Hi, I just want to say im from Castle Rock, WA area and my family are down there but i reside in Alaska. I have talked to you before on the phone etc. but I just wanted to say im still enjoying your pucks and I let people know all the time about your pucks. They are wonderful and I couldnt ask for a better smoke. Thank you so much. We do smoke alot of salmon up here :) oh and p.s. im glad you updated your website too :)"



"Hey,  Just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic product.  My wife and I were getting ready to smoke some cheese for the first time, and still had an open rack in the smoker, so decided to fill it with some raw unbrined kokanee fillets.  We used two stacked pucks, and lit the bottom one by placing it on a single charcoal (my smoker is a charcoal version).  After a couple of hours of smoke, we pulled the cheese which turned out really nice, and the kokanee fillets.  We cooked the fillets by broiling them with only a little salt and pepper.  We now have a new favorite way of eating our kokanee!
I first tried this method to add smoke flavor to some tuna before I canned it, and that turned out well too, because the cold smoke did not release any of the oils that you want to keep in the fish.
Your product is the only one I have seen that produces the completely cold smoke, so that you get the smoke flavor but without cooking your food.


"Wow! They worked great. I will never buy chips again.
The best part is I know what I will be getting my dad and brothers for Christmas this year."


-Mikey No Fish community member
"I was getting some salmon ready for canning today, in which I always like a little smoke before putting them in the jars. the trick has always been getting the smoke, but not the heat, because i want all the fat to stay in the fish, and not ooze out. i have a charcoal brinkman smoker, so have tried various things in the past.
today i used the Peterson Pucks, sold through bi-mart, and was really impressed! I used only 3 coals to produce something to start the pucks smoking, and placed a couple of pucks in an old tuna can (suggested by the Peterson folks). Work Flawlessly i had a ton of smoke pouring out, and no heat. my fish ended up with the smoke flavor, and all the fats.
now i think i'll repeat the trick and smoke some cheese"


-Chinook Slayer community member
"I had a chance to try out Peterson Pucks...a new product out on the market that blows wood chips and bradley pucks out of the water. They smoke for a long time and are dirt cheap...give em a try and you might just never look back.
Buy em and try guys...they work great!!"
-John Thomas -  Rotten Chum Guide Service
"I tried them today. They seem to make waaaaay more smoke than the old Luhr Jensen chips,. The smoke smelled nice and the finished product came out pretty nice."
-Dave Vedder, outdoor author
"They worked awesome in my Bradley Smoker.
I stacked 2 directly on the burner, as they currently don't fit the feed tube.
Long smoke output.
Flavor was great...."
- Randy Doucet
"I’ve used the pucks four times now and will continue to use them. They are convenient, consistent and easy to store."
-Slowleak on
"Thank you guys for the quick service and what initially appears to be a great product to run in my Bradley!! Ran my smoker for all 4 days of T-giving vacation and I was 100% satisfied with your product"
"...after a day or two of using the Peterson pucks I knew they were a step up in smoker fuel for me..I pulled the Bradley burner plate off the chute and took my little air die grinder and a 3"x1/16" cutting disk and cut the guide rails off the burner plate and smoothed down the residue and now the full pucks can be dropped right on the burner plate without a problem..Took about 20 to do and will still work fine if I want to burn the Bradley pucks ever..Easy mod and could be done with a flat file as well and a little bit of elbow grease."
-Rob J 
"Well the cheese smoking went fantastic. I did 1 pound ea. of mozzarella, medium cheddar and colby jack using the alder pucks and sticking to the time frame from you website. The mozzarella must be denser than the cheddar because the smoke seemed to permeate the cheddar a bit more. The colby jack worked the same as the cheddar. The mozzarella has a great taste to it and I would imagine would be fantastic using it on a grilled chicken and garlic pizza or anything else.  I'm hungry now!"
-Phil S 


"Just a quick note to let you know I received the pucks the other week and have tried some Hickory pucks in My Bradley smoker
for making jerky.I am impressed with the taste and smoking quality of the pucks.I will definitely be placing a reorder in the future.Thank you for the prompt shipping."


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