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Dry Cured Bacon


1)   25 lb. Pork belly

2)   12 oz. kosher salt

3)   6 oz. brown sugar

4)   2 oz. curing salt


Trim the pork bellies into uniform squares and remove any belly skin. Combine the salts and

sugars and liberally rub onto the bellies. Place on a rack and allow to dry cure for 7 days in the

refrigerator. (As the belly is curing, drain any liquid that has accumulated). After 7 days, check

to make sure the belly has become slightly firm to the touch. At this point, the bacon is cured

and ready to be cooked, smoked, or eaten .


For smoked bacon: Smoke slowly at a low temperature (130-140 F) for about 3 hours. With Peterson Smoker Pucks, cold smoking is simple by turning off your heat source  (unplugging your smoker ) after good amount of smoke is visible coming out the top.

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