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Smoked Cheese


Step 1 - Turn on your smoker heat source with 4 alder pucks in chip pan. 2 stacks of 2

Step 2 - Cut cheese into butter sized cubes (cheddar is great but feel free to experiment)

Step 3 - Cover your top one or two racks in aluminum foil

Step 4 - Place cheese on the top one or two racks

Step 5 - Once smoke is billowing out the top of the smoker place the rack with cheese in place into the smoker and put the lid or front on

Step 6 - UNPLUG SMOKER - pucks are self sustaining once they are generating a thick smoke, this allows the pucks to require no additional heat. This is great for cold smoking! Step 7 - After about an hour and 45 minutes, return to smoker, rotate cheese so the side on the foil is now on top, add one or two more pucks if very smoky flavor is desired.

Step 8 - Once cheese has been in the smoker about 3 and a half hours, remove the cheese and enjoy (cheese will be warm) or refrigerate and enjoy later.


Keep smoker in the shade to prevent any additional heat which may melt the cheese. Night time or cool days are best. Smoked cheese is best served at room temperature.


Other cheese we've tried: Pepper Jack, Colby Jack, Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Sharp Cheddar all purchased from the store, preferably Tillamook® brand or your favorite high quality cheese.

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