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Peterson Pucks - Simple Smoked Salmon


1)  4 parts dark brown sugar

2)  1 part kosher or non iodized salt

3)  Fresh Salmon or Steelhead

Mix together in a large bowl. 4 cups of Dark Brown Sugar and 1 cup salt will do for up to 12 or so pounds of fish. Use a non metallic container, start skin side down and cover fish liberally with sugar salt mix on each layer. Flesh to flesh skin to skin on each layer. 

Allow to cure for 10-12 hours. Rinse off allow to air dry (usually 2 hours) put in smoker with 3 or 4 pucks until cooked to desired texture. 

Smoke does not need to be flowing during entire time in the smoker. 3 or 4 pucks allows the proper amount of smoke in during the early stages in the smoker.

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